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Will rain return to Tampa Bay after record hot summer and drought?


Summer Heat Wave Hits Tampa Bay: What to Expect and How to Stay Cool

As the thick, sticky heat of summer begins to settle in over Tampa Bay, residents are bracing themselves for what could be another scorching season. With temperatures already soaring to nearly 90 degrees on average in May, the memories of last year’s record-breaking heat are still fresh in the minds of many.

The lack of rainfall in recent weeks has only added to the sweltering conditions, with the driest rainy season in over two decades leaving the area parched. This has raised concerns about the potential for another summer of extreme heat and drought.

Meteorologists are predicting that this summer could be hotter than normal, with temperatures expected to rise above the typical average of 78 degrees for May. The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center has issued forecasts indicating that Florida could experience above-average temperatures in the coming months.

The impact of climate change is also a factor in the rising temperatures, with researchers attributing the trend towards warmer weather to the burning of fossil fuels. The Fifth National Climate Assessment highlights the increasing frequency and intensity of heat waves as a result of climate change.

To help residents cope with the extreme temperatures, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have launched a new tool called HeatRisk. This tool provides guidance on the dangers of extreme heat for vulnerable communities and offers recommendations for staying safe during heat waves.

While the outlook for rainfall remains uncertain, forecasters are predicting a potential drought in the coming months. However, the recent recovery from last year’s dry conditions thanks to a strong El NiƱo event has provided some relief to the area.

As Tampa Bay prepares for the summer ahead, residents are urged to stay informed about the weather conditions and take precautions to stay safe during the hot and humid months. With the threat of extreme heat and drought looming, it’s essential for everyone to be prepared for what could be another challenging summer in the Sunshine State.

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