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What makes The Villages in Florida the ‘STD capital of America’?


Debunking the Myth: The Truth About STDs in The Villages, Fla.

Headline: The Villages, Florida: Debunking the Myth of STDs in America’s Largest Retirement Community

In The Villages, Florida, a retirement community known for its active lifestyle and vibrant social scene, a persistent myth has taken hold – that it is the STD capital of the United States. But is there any truth to this rumor?

Residents of The Villages, like Brian Lafferty, have had to field questions and concerns from friends and family about the supposed high rates of sexually transmitted diseases in the community. But many residents, like Dr. Marivic Villa, an internist who runs a health clinic in The Villages, say that the myth is just that – a myth.

Dr. Villa, who has worked in The Villages for almost two decades, says that while residents are sexually active, she does not see high rates of STDs in the community. In fact, data from the Florida Department of Health shows that the three counties containing The Villages actually have lower rates of STDs among older adults compared to the state as a whole.

The origins of the STD myth in The Villages are unclear, with some attributing it to a 2006 television news story that reported an increase in STD cases among residents. However, experts say that the myth likely stems from ageism and stigma surrounding sexually transmitted infections.

Despite the lack of evidence to support the STD myth, it continues to persist, with rumors spreading quickly in communities with shared values and histories. But residents of The Villages are quick to defend their community, describing it as a safe and happy place to live.

While the developer of The Villages, Mark Morse, has not addressed the STD myth directly, residents like Brian Lafferty believe that any publicity, even negative, is good for the community.

In the end, the myth of STDs in The Villages may never fully go away, but residents are determined to set the record straight and show that their community is about much more than salacious rumors.

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