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The Growth of Commercial Real Estate in Tampa Bay: A Closer Look at the Reasons


Commercial Real Estate Market Trends in Central Florida: Insights from Market Leader Danny Rice

Title: Commercial Real Estate Market in Tampa Bay Area Booming Despite Pandemic Challenges

In a recent interview with Danny Rice, Market Leader for real estate firm Colliers, it was revealed that the commercial real estate market in the Tampa Bay area has seen significant growth in the past two years, despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rice oversees all of Central Florida, including major cities like Orlando, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Tampa, and Clearwater. His team focuses on various aspects of commercial real estate, catering to a diverse range of clients from corporations to developers to major retailers.

According to Rice, the Tampa Bay area has experienced more growth in the past two years than in his entire 14-year career in the industry. Previously, convincing people and companies to move to Tampa was a challenge, but now the region is on everyone’s radar.

The onset of the pandemic accelerated existing trends in different types of commercial real estate. Remote work and office space utilization were already evolving trends, while the retail sector saw a greater emphasis on the in-store experience to attract customers back. The e-commerce logistics sector also experienced a surge in demand for warehouses to accommodate the shift to online shopping.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Tampa Bay area has seen a significant increase in pricing and general activity in the commercial real estate market. There is a growing demand for industrial spaces, with larger tenants looking for million-square-foot leases becoming more common.

The population growth in the Tampa Bay area has also had a significant impact on commercial real estate. The need for more retail spaces, industrial distribution centers, and multi-family housing has increased as more people move to the region.

Hotspots for commercial real estate growth in the Tampa Bay area include Lakeland, East Tampa, Pasco, Wesley Chapel, South Tampa, and downtown St. Pete. Developers are capitalizing on the influx of high net worth individuals in these areas by redeveloping older retail buildings into newer, more experiential concepts.

While the residential real estate market may be experiencing a slowdown, Rice believes that the commercial real estate market is stabilizing rather than softening. Despite the rapid growth experienced in the past few years, the market remains active, albeit at a slightly slower pace.

Overall, the commercial real estate market in the Tampa Bay area continues to thrive, with opportunities for growth and development in various sectors despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

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