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Tampa woman advocates for policy changes after being denied rideshare trips due to guide dog


Ride-Share Drivers Denying Rides to Woman with Guide Dog: A Look at Accessibility and Advocacy efforts in Tampa

The story of Lyn Hunt and her guide dog Haydn sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities when trying to access transportation services. Despite the legal protections in place, Hunt has faced repeated denials from ride-share drivers due to her service animal.

The issue extends beyond just one individual, as the Lighthouse for the Blind and Low Vision in Tampa reports that complaints from their clients regarding ride-share services are all too common. Dianne Luce emphasizes the need for education and awareness in the community to ensure that individuals with service animals are not discriminated against.

Mahmoud “Mike” Hamdan, from West Coast Transportation, stresses the importance of compassion and understanding when providing transportation services to those with disabilities. He highlights the need for drivers to put themselves in the shoes of others and treat them with fairness.

Uber and Lyft have both stated that their policies require drivers to comply with the law regarding service animals. They have dedicated support teams to investigate reports of service denial and are committed to building technology and policies that support accessibility for all users.

Local leaders, such as Tampa City Councilman Luis Viera, are working to make public transportation more accessible to individuals with disabilities. HART is holding public meetings with disability advocates to gather feedback and improve services. Viera acknowledges the need for more funding to expand disability services and is committed to listening to the community to make necessary improvements.

As the investigation into Hunt’s case continues, it is clear that there is still work to be done to ensure equal access to transportation for all individuals, regardless of their abilities. Awareness, education, and compassion are key in creating a more inclusive and accessible transportation system for everyone.

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