Sunday, May 19, 2024

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Experience Hyperlocal News and Weather with Spectrum News

Introducing Spectrum News: Your All-In-One Destination for Local News and Weather

Are you tired of sifting through countless news sources to find information that matters to you and your community? Look no further than Spectrum News, your all-in-one destination for local news, weather forecasts, and events.

With Spectrum News, you can customize your experience by letting us know where you call home. We curate stories and information that are relevant to you and your community, making it easier than ever to stay informed.

Available for all Spectrum customers, Spectrum News offers a wide range of features to keep you up to date. From curated news stories by Spectrum News journalists and local partner publications to on-demand videos and exclusive series, there is something for everyone.

Stay ahead of the weather with the latest forecasts from our meteorologists and explore interactive radar maps. Subscribe to weather notifications to receive hyperlocal alerts based on your location, ensuring you are always prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

But Spectrum News isn’t just about news and weather. You can also follow your interests by browsing and following topics such as local politics, education, transit, health, and more. Curate your news experience to see more of what matters to you.

And for those who want to watch live news coverage, Spectrum News offers TV coverage in various regions across the country, including Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York City, North Carolina, Ohio, Central Florida, Southern California, Tampa, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Plus, with the introduction of Spectrum News+, you can now watch the latest news from across the country, connecting communities through local stories. Streaming free with your Spectrum subscription, Spectrum News+ can be found in the Spectrum News app.

Don’t miss out on this all-in-one destination for local news and weather. Stay informed, stay connected, and stay ahead with Spectrum News.

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