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Renters in the Tampa Bay area face challenges in purchasing a home in the current market


Struggling to Afford a Home in Pinellas County: A Look at the Housing Market in Tampa Bay

The Tampa Bay area is known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant community, but for many residents, the dream of owning a home seems out of reach. With housing prices on the rise and interest rates climbing, the struggle to find an affordable home is becoming increasingly difficult.

ABC Action News Anchor Lauren St. Germain recently spoke with Stela Bermema, a Pinellas County resident who, along with her husband, is searching for a home for themselves and a condo for her elderly parents. Bermema expressed the challenges they face in the current housing market, with high prices and low value making it tough to find the right property.

Licensed real estate broker Liane Jamason shared insights into the current state of the housing market, noting a decline in sales due to rising interest rates. However, she also mentioned that prices have leveled out, offering potential buyers the opportunity to negotiate with sellers for closing costs.

Despite the obstacles, Bermema remains hopeful for the future, aiming to move out of their apartment by 2025. With more homes expected to hit the market in the coming months, there may be more options for prospective buyers.

As the Federal Reserve plans to cut interest rates multiple times this year, there is hope that the housing market may become more favorable for buyers. With economists predicting a potential rate cut as early as May, there may be a glimmer of hope for those looking to finally make their dream of homeownership a reality in the Tampa Bay area.

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