Sunday, May 19, 2024

Photos of a Tiny Duplex Home Near Tampa, Florida Available for Rent at $1,300 a Month


Escape Homes Introduces First Fully Electric Duplex Tiny Home in the US

Escape Homes, a tiny home community near Tampa, Florida, has made waves in the housing market with the introduction of the first fully electric duplex tiny home in the US. The innovative design features two separate 200-square-foot units packed with amenities like a washing machine, stovetop, and under-bed storage.

The duplex, known as the “eBoho Duplex,” is part of Escape Homes’ latest extension called Palm Court, which offers six rentable units. Despite the small square footage, each unit includes a bathroom and a combined living, bedroom, and kitchen space with space-saving features like flip-up tables and elongated shelving.

With rent starting at $1,295 a month for half of the duplex, the demand for these unique homes has been overwhelming. Escape Homes’ CEO revealed that all six units in Palm Court were claimed within 36 hours of being listed, showcasing the popularity of this modern living concept.

Due to the positive response, Escape Homes plans to expand its tiny home community with more duplexes in the future. The company already owns a plot of land across the street from the current neighborhood, hinting at the potential for more two-in-one homes to be built in the upcoming developments.

With the success of the eBoho Duplex and the growing interest in tiny home living, Escape Homes is paving the way for a new era of affordable and sustainable housing options in the US.

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