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Neighbors in Tampa left amazed after spotting bear in local neighborhoods


Black Bear Spotted in Tampa Bay Neighborhoods Over Memorial Day Weekend

Black Bear Spotted in Tampa Bay Neighborhoods Over Memorial Day Weekend

Residents of several Tampa Bay neighborhoods were in for a surprise over Memorial Day weekend when a black bear was spotted roaming the area. The bear was first seen in Oldsmar before making its way to the Town ‘n’ Country neighborhood, leaving residents like Anthony Marinelli shocked.

Marinelli, who lives nearby, was taken aback by the unexpected visitor. “We’ve had the occasional surprise alligator in the pond here and there,” he said. “But the bear was a big surprise for sure.”

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) set up a trap with donuts to entice the bear down from a tree where it had taken refuge. However, the bear eventually left on its own, much to the relief of concerned residents.

While bears are more common in other parts of the state, FWC’s interactive map shows that sightings in the Tampa area are not unheard of. With spring marking a return to activity for bears, it’s not uncommon to see them in unexpected areas as they search for new territory.

Residents are advised to give bears space, avoid approaching them, and never feed them. Feeding bears can make them lose their natural fear of people, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

As the summer travel season approaches, experts warn of an increase in travel scams targeting unsuspecting vacationers. It’s important for travelers to stay vigilant and protect themselves from potential scams that could jeopardize their bank accounts.

Overall, while seeing a bear in a neighborhood may be alarming, it’s important for residents to secure food attractants and give the bear space to ensure a safe outcome for both the bear and the community.

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