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Mermaid-Themed Events Coming to Fairgrounds St. Pete Every Weekend in March


Dive into Mystical Mermaid March at Fairgrounds St. Pete: A Month of Enchantment and Exploration

Fairgrounds St. Pete Dives into Mystical Mermaid March

As the month of March unfolds, Fairgrounds St. Pete is making waves with a captivating lineup of mermaid-themed events that are sure to enchant visitors of all ages. From meet-and-greets with mermaid influencers to a Sirens Silent Disco, each weekend offers a new and exciting experience for guests to discover.

The immersive experience kicks off with the “Mermaid Star Motel,” a whimsical exhibit that sets the stage for the month-long celebration. Throughout March, visitors can enjoy face painting, live watercolor portraits, a trunk show featuring handmade swimwear, and a panel discussion with prominent finfluencers. The highlight of the event is a collaboration with Mertailor’s Mermaid Aquarium Encounter, where guests can dive into the world of mermaids like never before.

The inspiration behind Fairgrounds St. Pete’s mystical underwater realm stems from the childhood dream of its visionary founder, who always wanted to become a mermaid. According to Liz Dimmitt, CEO and Co-Founder of Fairgrounds St. Pete, mermaids are an integral part of Florida’s cultural fabric, and the goal of the event is to amplify the voices of merfolk artists and share the magic of their culture with visitors.

Mystical Mermaid March comes at an exciting time following the debut of Netflix’s MerPeople, which shines a spotlight on merculture and features Tampa Bay’s own Eric Ducharme, also known as the “Mertailor.” Ducharme, who has designed custom tails for celebrities like Lady Gaga, will be sharing his journey during a panel discussion alongside Fairgrounds St. Pete artist Iona Paris Seashell Queen.

In addition to the array of artist-made souvenirs celebrating marine life, Fairgrounds St. Pete will be offering limited-time coloring sheets for purchase, with proceeds benefiting the Military Mermaids—a group that provides mermaid swimming classes and events for disabled veterans.

The month-long festival aims to create an enchanting world that is not only popular but inclusive, welcoming visitors of all ages to experience the magic of merfolk. Whether you’re a longtime mermaid enthusiast or a newcomer to the underwater realm, Mystical Mermaid March promises something for everyone.

For more information on ticketed events, themed merchandise, and more, visit and dive into the enchanting world of Mystical Mermaid March at Fairgrounds St. Pete.

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