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Man wielding knife apprehended after pursuing teenagers fishing


Teenagers Fishing Confronted by Angry Resident with Knife in Pasco County, Florida

Two teenagers fishing in a Pasco County neighborhood had a frightening encounter with an angry resident wielding a knife. Luke Hatcher and Tristen Smith were fishing in a pond in the Starkey Ranch community when they were chased by a man with a knife. The incident was captured on video by Hatcher, which led to the arrest of the man, identified as Edward Cullum.

The boys were able to provide the mailbox number to Pasco Sheriff’s deputies and showed them the video evidence. Hatcher’s father commended his son for running away from the danger and capturing the incident on video.

The neighborhood where the incident took place, Esplanade, has a no-fishing rule even for residents. While some residents claim that teens have been warned about trespassing before, others believe that pulling a knife was an extreme reaction.

Hatcher admits that they had been told not to fish in Esplanade before and they do not plan on returning after this frightening encounter. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety and following rules, even when engaging in recreational activities.

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