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Governor’s Controversial Bill Signing Leads to Cancellation of Tampa Pride Event


Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Controversial Bills into Law Sparking Backlash

Governor Ron DeSantis signed several controversial bills into law in Florida, sparking both applause and outrage. The new provisions include banning gender-affirming care for minors, restricting pronoun use in schools, and mandating people to use the bathroom corresponding to their gender at birth.

While DeSantis defended the laws as a way to protect children and maintain normalcy, leaders with Equality Florida condemned the legislation as an attack on the LGBTQ+ community. The group’s Deputy Director of Development, Nicholas Machuca, called the laws harmful and discriminatory.

One of the most contentious bills, Senate Bill 254, prohibits minors under 18 from accessing gender-affirming surgeries and treatments, penalizes doctors who perform these procedures, and allows the state to take custody of children who have undergone such treatments.

Legal challenges are already underway, with a group of parents suing the state board of medicine over its care policy for transgender kids. They have filed a motion to temporarily block the new law. However, Machuca expressed concern that the damage to the LGBTQ+ community is already being felt, with reports of individuals considering leaving the state.

In a significant development, Tampa Pride announced the cancellation of its “Pride on the River” event in response to the bill signings. The President of Tampa Pride, Carrie West, cited discomfort with holding a public celebration in the current climate and indicated the possibility of rescheduling the event at a different venue. The cancellation underscores the impact of the new laws on the LGBTQ+ community and their allies in Florida.

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