Sunday, May 19, 2024

Florida program changing to provide funds for home hardening. Here’s what you need to know.


Florida Homeowners Eligible for Renewed $10,000 Home Hardening Program, Including Condominiums

Florida homeowners can rejoice as the My Safe Florida Home program is being renewed this year with some exciting changes. The program, which provides up to $10,000 to help homeowners harden their homes against hurricanes and storms, will now include condominiums.

Governor Ron DeSantis has approved an additional $200 million for the program, which has been extremely popular in the last two years. The program offers free home inspections to identify areas that need improvement and grants for upgrades such as windows, doors, and roofs. For every dollar a homeowner spends on qualifying upgrades, the state will provide $2, up to $10,000.

One significant change to the program is the prioritization of older and low-income homeowners. Starting July 1, applications will be staggered based on income levels and age, with low-income homeowners aged 60 and older getting the first opportunity to apply. The program aims to help those who may struggle to afford necessary home improvements.

In addition to expanding the program to include condominiums, a pilot program has been created specifically for coastal condo owners. Condo associations or boards will need to vote to apply for grants to upgrade exterior doors, windows, and roofs. The program matches state funds with owner contributions, with a total grant award of up to $175,000 per association.

Funding for the condo program is limited, with $27.6 million allocated for grants. If successful, the program could be expanded in the future. Governor DeSantis expressed optimism about the program’s potential impact during a recent news conference.

Homeowners interested in applying for the My Safe Florida Home program can do so online at The application portal is currently closed due to high demand, with the next opportunity to apply on July 1. Don’t miss out on this chance to protect your home and potentially reduce insurance rates.

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