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Florida Housing Market Shows Concerning Indicator


Florida’s Soaring Home Prices in Miami Metro Area Raise Concerns for Housing Market Experts

Florida’s Rising Home Prices Cause Concern for Housing Market, Experts Say

A recent study conducted by Florida Atlantic University and Florida International University has revealed that the soaring housing premiums in the Miami metro area are a “worrying sign” for the housing market in Florida. Despite rents slowing down and interest rates remaining high, the average home in south Florida is now 34.7 percent overvalued relative to its long-term pricing costs.

Real estate economist Ken Johnson from FAU expressed his concerns about the trend, stating that prices in the Miami metropolitan area continue to rise despite market forces such as the slowdown in rents and rising interest rates. He believes that the rise in premiums may reflect a supply issue in the local market that has not been addressed.

While other areas in Florida are not experiencing the same negative housing reality, with cities like Tampa seeing a decrease in housing premiums, the influx of residents from states with higher taxes into regions like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando is driving demand and exacerbating price hikes.

Buyers are re-entering the market with renewed interest, spurred by stable interest rates and indications from the Fed that rates will remain elevated for an extended period. However, sellers who obtained mortgages with interest rates of 4 percent or below are not in a hurry to sell, tightening the supply in key markets and contributing to rising prices.

Experts predict that the increasing cost of real estate in Miami will force average earners out of the market, potentially changing community demographics over time. Nationally, existing home sales have declined, and median existing home sales prices have climbed year over year.

Despite predictions from Freddie Mac that home prices would only grow by 0.5 percent in the coming years, the current housing market in Florida is experiencing strong growth due to limited inventory and high demand. The situation highlights the classic supply and demand price model in the real estate market, where the cost of supply grows when demand exceeds available supply.

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