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Florida Blue Donates $250,000 to Tampa General Hospital Foundation for TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy


Florida Blue Donates $250,000 to Support New Outdoor Classroom at TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy

Florida Blue has made a significant contribution to Tampa General Hospital (TGH) by donating $250,000 to support the new outdoor classroom at the TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy. This outdoor classroom, named after Florida Blue in recognition of their generous donation, will provide a space for health education programs, cooking demonstrations, shared meals, and other engagement opportunities for Tampa General team members, patients, and community residents.

John Couris, the president and CEO of Tampa General Hospital, expressed gratitude towards Florida Blue, stating that their partnership is essential in transforming healthcare in the community. The TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy, located at the TGH Family Care Center Healthpark, aims to increase access to nutritious foods and promote physical activity to improve overall community health.

The new outdoor classroom will serve as a hub for innovation and discovery, where patients can learn about growing healthy produce sustainably, participate in wellness programs, and engage in meaningful activities with the community. Phil Lee, the market president of Florida Blue, emphasized the importance of healthy food in creating healthy communities and expressed pride in supporting initiatives like the TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy.

This contribution from Florida Blue is part of a series of donations to the TGH Foundation, supporting various initiatives at Tampa General Hospital. The partnership between Florida Blue and Tampa General Hospital aligns with the mission of promoting health and wellness in the community. Frann Leppla, the vice president and chief philanthropy officer at TGH Foundation, highlighted the importance of partners like Florida Blue in advancing health and wellness initiatives in the region.

The TampaWell initiative involves collaboration with over 80 local organizations, businesses, and healthcare providers to promote wellness in the community. By addressing gaps in access to health and wellness resources, TampaWell aims to create a culture of sustainable wellness and improve the overall health of the community.

The new Florida Blue Outdoor Classroom is located at the TampaWell Community Garden and Food Pharmacy, providing a space for hands-on learning opportunities for residents. This initiative reflects the commitment of Tampa General Hospital and Florida Blue to support the health and well-being of the community.

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