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Construction on Kiran Patel’s 17-acre estate nears completion after a decade


“Local Physician Kiran Patel Nears Completion of Largest Residence in Hillsborough County”

Local physician and philanthropist Kiran Patel is nearing the completion of his massive Carrollwood home, which has been nearly a decade in the making. The 17-acre property, dubbed “Surya Estates,” was purchased by Patel in 2003 for $3.2 million, and construction began in 2013.

Recently, Patel transferred ownership of three homes on the site to his children, signaling that the completion of his own residence is imminent. Patel’s children, Sheetal K. Patel, Shilen Patel, Sonali K. Judd, and her husband Scott Judd, are reportedly already starting to move in.

The main home on the property spans an impressive 32,000 square feet and features a 15,300-square-foot great hall, two 8,400-square-foot wings, and stunning pink sandstone imported from India. The architectural design blends Persian, Islamic, and Indian influences, creating a unique and luxurious living space.

Despite the grandeur of the estate, Patel has emphasized that the interior will be modern, American, and functional, ensuring that each family member can live comfortably in their own space.

The highly anticipated “Surya Estates” has been generating buzz on social media, with viral TikToks showcasing the compound’s pink archways and turrets. The completion of Patel’s palatial home is expected by March, and the community is eagerly awaiting a glimpse inside this impressive residence.

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