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Celebrate Earth Day with Free Tree Giveaways in the Tampa Bay Area


Celebrate Earth Day with Free Tree Giveaways and Events in Tampa Bay Area

As Earth Day approaches, the Tampa Bay area is gearing up for a celebration of trees and the environment. With free events and tree giveaways happening throughout the region, residents have the opportunity to make a positive impact on their community.

Urban forester Carolyn Cheatham Rhodes emphasized the importance of trees in our daily lives, highlighting their role in providing habitat for insects and bugs, offering shade to keep the area cool, and helping to manage rainwater runoff. However, as development continues to encroach on green spaces, the Tampa Bay area is seeing a decline in its tree canopy.

Cheatham Rhodes expressed concern about the shrinking tree canopy, noting that it poses a threat to pollinators who rely on trees for shelter. She encouraged residents to plant a tree this weekend in honor of Earth Day and take advantage of free tree giveaways in the area.

One such opportunity is the Tree-mendous Tampa program, which allows residents to request a tree be planted along a street. Additionally, the City of Oldsmar and Pinellas County are hosting tree giveaways on April 20 and April 27, respectively.

Pinellas County urban forestry specialist Matthew Hill emphasized the educational value of planting a tree, particularly for children. He also advised residents to have a utility locate done before digging to avoid any potential issues.

As the Tampa Bay area continues to grow and develop, it is crucial for residents to prioritize the preservation of green spaces and the planting of trees. By taking action this Earth Day, individuals can make a positive impact on the environment and help ensure a greener future for generations to come.

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