Sunday, June 16, 2024

Bear found taking refuge in tree in Florida neighborhood


Bear causes stir in Town ‘N Country neighborhood as it climbs tree and prompts FWC response

A bear sighting in a Town ‘N Country neighborhood in Florida has residents on edge. The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) had to step in to handle the situation as the bear perched itself in a tree.

Residents like Mehak Aggarwal were shocked to receive a notification about the bear sighting in their neighborhood. The FWC tried to lure the bear down with treats to avoid using a tranquilizer. Bears are more active during this time of year, and the FWC reminds people to give them space and never feed or approach them.

After several hours, the bear finally climbed down on its own. The FWC encourages anyone who feels threatened by a bear or spots a sick, injured, or orphaned bear to call their Wildlife Alert Hotline.

To learn more about avoiding conflicts with bears, visit The FWC aims to relocate bears to safe habitats away from populated areas. Stay informed and stay safe when encountering wildlife in your neighborhood.

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